Friday, August 18, 2006


Mary took me to her favorite bead stores in Toronto today and we had a blast. I’ve made the decision not to get involved in making jewelry but to live vicariously through Mary. If I had been choosing beads for a necklace, I’d still be there meditating on the right colors and shapes to use. Mary, on the other hand, has this intuitive streak a mile wide and everything comes together naturally.
Afterwards we went to Active Surplus and I got some nifty pieces for set ups, which I started working on as soon as I got home. When David saw them, he wanted to leave for Active Surplus immediately, and John just laughed.
Before I met Mary, I went to Bizzy Bee’s to deliver the two tiles I’d decorated for their new bathroom. Daniza had given them to me last week, and I decided I’d try the Lazertran Waterslide Decal, which I’d never done before. Carmi used to teach a Lazertran class, and I loved what she did with it, so this was the perfect opportunity to try the technique.

First time around, I botched it. Since I could hardly call Carmi at 1 ‘o clock in the morning to rescue me, I had to figure it out myself.
It was enjoyable doing something different, something I could complete in a short period of time. When you’re involved in long complicated projects, it does you good to see instant results, especially when they’re ones you’re happy with.

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Carmi said...

Tou could have emailed me at 1am!