Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Dementia Set Up

If Dementia looks like she is about to fall off her shell perch, she did. Right after I took this photo, a gust of wind toppled my set up…except for the base, which I put together with magnets.
I’ve been wanting to use Dementia for a while. She was an Art Asylum find, although I use the word “find” loosely. I don’t think anyone else wanted her, but I was drawn to the crazed look in her eyes. Dementia may even appear in another set up.
I also worked on our next club challenge today. This will be a first for me in that I’ve made a vow not to spend a gazillion hours on it and drive myself nuts trying to get things right. Sharon Ginsberg sent us all round Altoid tins to alter, and somehow I went and lost the lid. But what seems to be a problem may be a blessing in disguise.
I took the bottom of the tin with me yesterday when I went to Active Surplus with Mary, and I found some neat stuff that works with it. What I like about these challenges is that I am forced to dig deep in order to create something I like. This on-going experience has really helped me to explore assemblage. I always wanted to. Now I have to.

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