Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pruning stuff (yet again)

I made a stab at trying to clean up tonight and came across this rag paint rag I’d been saving because it reminded me of a flower.
However, I’ve decided I just can’t keep everything I find interesting in the hopes that one day I’ll find a way to use it in my art. So I scanned the paint rag, played with it in PhotoShop, then took a deep breath and tossed it out. It will still be with me though…if only digitally.
Tonight I also came across several pieces of rust, a half-melted action figure, part of a hood ornament, a doll with no arms, a shot glass that lights up when you put it down…really I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point: I have more stuff than I’ll ever use.
It started me thinking about a boyfriend I had years ago who was mystified by the stuff I collected and felt I should be doing something constructive with my art – like taking a pottery class. “You could be making things people will actually buy and use,” he kept telling me. Maybe he was right. Then again, you can’t pretend you’re an apple when you’re actually a lemon.

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