Tuesday, August 29, 2006


According to the KLM website, Emma’s plane has just landed in Amsterdam, and I’ve been elected to take her phone call. (No surprise there since my boys both like their sleep).
It was a hairy day. A last minute banking emergency for Emma, and then the car broke down this morning. When the tow truck arrived, someone else – a rubber-necker – drove into a pole and blamed the tow truck driver. Then, miraculously, the car started again as if nothing had happened.
To pass the time while I’m waiting for Emma to call, I’ve been playing with this old map of Amsterdam that my friend Jeanne Schedler just emailed me, and a photo of Emma I took on the way to the airport. (As David says, I need to do something “Emma-related”)
I know I’m going to miss her a lot while she’s away, but as Jeanne says: at least I have my art to console me. Sometimes I feel guilty I’m so caught up in it though. To be honest, I think I neglect John and the children because I’m so focused on creating, or at least thinking about creating. Not that they ever complain…probably because I’m too absorbed – make that self-absorbed – to nag. All in all, it’s probably benign neglect.
Nevertheless, I felt emotionally wrung out when we got back from the airport. I immediately got into bed and started reading the latest Nora Roberts romance novel to revive myself. (Nora never fails me). Now I’m going to curl up on the living room couch with Lily and the phone, and continue reading.


Jeanne Schedler said...

Susan, She is Beautiful!!! She looks at home there in the collage. A fortuitous sign, I am sure. The collage is an expression of beauty. Your love for her poured onto the screen. At least that is the way I see it.


Carmi said...

Hey...I need an update. Is she there? Does she love it?