Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Book

The interesting thing about writing a book on creativity is that I’m going through everything I’m going into. It’s like that device playwrights use…the play within a play. In my case, it’s creativity within creativity, a kind of internal experience that reminds me of those Russian dolls that nest one inside the other. You keep thinking you’ve reached the last doll, but new ones keep revealing themselves.
I think what’s surprised me most about working on this book is how difficult the writing of it is proving to be. The illustrations seem to come together without as much effort. It’s a more intuitive process even though there’s plenty of work involved.

I have to say I think writing is harder than doing art in general. Maybe it’s because we’re basically visual. When I look out my front door and see my neighbors talking across the street, I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I have a good idea from their body language whether it’s an argument or a love fest. Yes, there’s something instinctive about the visual because you respond immediately. With writing, clarity is always a challenge, and it doesn’t get easier with practice despite the fact I’ve had plenty of it.

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