Monday, August 21, 2006

Family Day

Emma moved back home yesterday and her stuff is all over the place. Not that I mind at all because it’s usually me that has stuff everywhere, and Emma’s the tidy one. Next Monday she leaves for Amsterdam for four months, so this week will be a busy one getting her ready and packed. We went out this afternoon and got some necessities – trashy magazines, toiletries, coffee and donuts – and then came home and hung around together.
Tonight I taught David how to make vegetarian chili. It’s not my favorite thing to cook because there’s more preparation than I like…well, basically I don’t like any preparation at all. But it was fun cooking with David. I can see the appeal of being a chef and having help in the kitchen. After dinner David and Emma listened to old Jackie de Shannon songs with John downstairs while I cleaned up and then worked on my book.
Now the kids are watching a horror movie in Emma’s room. I took this picture right at the moment the heroine was getting eaten by something. There’s a lot of squealing coming from Emma’s room right now. I don’t know if she is scared, or if they’re actually making fun of the movie. (David never makes much noise, but Emma is always full of beans). I think I’ll go up and investigate).
Two hours later…Emma, David, Lily and I watched several episodes of Laguna Beach. David kept saying: “Do girls really act like that?” Apparently. The teenagers on this so-called reality show act more like jaded thirty year olds with money to burn. No sign of any parents, and plenty of hissy fits. Lily had the right idea. She had her eyes closed and was snoring peacefully.

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